6.1.9 Holes, Tears, Cuts, and Abrasions


Holes, tears, cuts, and abrasion on fabrics are usually caused during use, though occasionally they can occur in the process of laundering or drycleaning. Holes caused by insects occur during storage. These can be identified by microscopic examination from the appearance of the ends of the yarn, as can holes caused by abrasion.

Sharp tears and cuts are not easily identifiable as to agency of damage. Items should not be accepted by the launderer or drycleaner without inspection for preexisting damage. When sharp tears or cuts are discovered after processing and become an issue of responsibility, the servicing agency (launderer or drycleaner) must assume responsibility unless it can be proved that the damage occurred in use. Insect damage may not be apparent before laundering or drycleaning, but because of the long incubation period of larvae, is assumed to have occurred during periods of storage, by the consumer, not during short periods of servicing.

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